Abdelghany Shoair



Abdelghany Shoair is an Egyptian calligrapher and typographer. At a very young age, he was mentored by many great calligraphers. Their help and support along with his passion for calligraphy led him to his first position at ALMAJD TV station as a calligrapher. Two years later, he decided to launch his own studio (ALMAKTB). He wanted to show those who are working in visual communication and design that Arabic letters and type has a huge untapped potential. Over the last few years he organized and participated in many events and workshops related to design/calligraphy and typography and managed to find the time for his own experiments and daily practice. He worked with many multinational agencies, individuals and businesses throughout Egypt and the Arab world and he continues to challenge himself artistically every day. Feel free to send him any questions you might have or take a look at his work and don’t forget to leave your comments.