Abdelghany Shoair is an Egyptian calligrapher. He started to learn calligraphy at the age of 13. For the last 20 years the main focus of Shoair was to develop modern styles for Arabic calligraphy and apply them on all creative fields such as logos, posters, TV Ads, Book covers, Movie Titles and more. He worked with many global brands/institutions such as ICRC, CIB ,Etisalat, We, STC and many ministries in Dubai, KSA and others..


SHOAIR STUDIO provide tailored calligraphy , typography and design solutions that meet our clients business goals. Our services are provided by a team of professionals calligraphers with extensive experience in deliver ideas creatively via Arabic calligraphy.

Brand Creation and Strategy

Whether you’re creating a new project or developing an existing one, we’re here to help you create your brand.
Providing solid market and client understanding, we curate your brand’s persona and messaging, to ensure you reach your goals and secure your market spot.

Cohesive Brand Identities

We believe that brands are stories.
We tell your stories beautifully through brand identities that are passion-designed and strategy-directed.

Logo design, typography, website design, social communication and animation come together to build your brand’s identity.

Typography and Lettering

Our Arabic heritage and background is main keystone in our work.
We see it as a different type of art that communicates the mind and the soul.
We design and develop custom typographyو typefaces and lettering solutions, so you can enrich your idea or project.



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