shoair studio

Shoair Studio Provide tailored calligraphy, typography and design solutions that meet our client’s business goals.
Our Services are provided by a team of professionals calligraphers with extensive experience in deliver ideas creatively via Arabic calligraphy

Logo design

Arabic culture is our source of strength. We provide very unique style for logo design with Arabic calligraphy, typography and iconography marks. All fits any sort of business either small start-ups or large brands.


If u seek a well crafted Arabic typography, weather you want classic calligraphy, commercial typography, custom type this is our specialty. Our team is capable to deliver a wide range of styles that will fit your demands in the best way.


It’s our presentation of your story with our multifarious tools of calligraphy, typography and illustration. We are just spectacular; we deliver an outstanding tool inspired by the heart and soul of our Arabic culture to osculate the audience in an original way.


We can create twisted illustration mixed with Arabic calligraphy inspired by our Arabic culture to enhance your brand purpose and give it such an awesome look.


Don't hesitate! Ask us about our work!