Project Scope: Brand Definition – Brand Identity & Packaging

Country: Egypt – 2022

Team: AbdelGhany Shoair – Mostafa Kamel – Maged Serya – Hoda Yassin

Challenge: Revive 3alRakya’s Brand

3alRakya is a cafe & lounge in Alexandria, Egypt. It’s infamous for its youthful, authentic atmosphere & vibes. 3alRakya closed its all branches & is about to open an expanded store. The owners wanted to redesign their brand, so it can reflect their passion better & overcome the defects the old brand has.



First, Redefining the brand

When we discovered the brand with the owner and offering different directions the brand can go to, we decided to build the brand as the hometown brand. An authentic experience, in a friendly place.

We redefined the brand’s core as follows:

Purpose: “Bring an authentic & quality Café and Lounge experience to people of all ages and passions”

Vision: Become a 2nd space where people feel home and love to belong to.

Mission: -Cohesive Experience through all touchpoints -Introducing Quality Culture to all staff -Customer-Centric Management & Operations

Second, Redesigning the brand’s identity

We redesigned 3alRakya’s logo from scratch. We designed a logo that’s truly authentic to the brand’s spirit & core that also solves the old logo’s application problems. We then designed a brand identity, that reflects the brand’s youthful warm experience.

Third, Designing the packaging

We formed the brand’s identity into a design system that’s applied to packaging. The system separated beverages packaging design from food packaging desgin, while having the brand’s guide consistent in every design.


We had a memorable experience rebuilding 3alRakya’s brand.