Client: Hivetec
Location: Egypt / Netherlands
Year: 2023
Scope and Challenge

,Hivetec’s goal was to establish a strong brand presence in the market
one that not only conveyed their dedication to the community but also
.showcased their expertise in the software testing field​​​​​​​

,Inspired by the brand name and how it reflects the brand’s commitment and dedication
.we designed a simple yet bold icon that reflects interdependence, homogeneity, and support
This can be seen in the hexagonal shape inspired by the beehive, which is also the simplest
.form to express the values of Hivetec

,Additionally, we used a logotype and color scheme that embody the essence of technology
,software, and the digital landscape. The logotype features sharp and precise edges
,aligning seamlessly with the modern technological context and maintaining a crisp
,clear appearance, while the colors chosen for the brand’s identity drew inspiration from nature
.particularly the vibrant and warm hues found in bee colonies

,We also introduced a hive pattern to the identity. The Hive pattern is a central element in Hivetec’s brand identity
.serving as a powerful symbol of unity, organization, and industry
This distinctive pattern has been thoughtfully integrated into various aspects of the brand to reinforce its values and message




:Client Feedback
We are very pleased with the output produced by Shoair Studios. They were caring and attentive”
.while listening to our vision of the brand and the mission that drives us all
They designed our Brand elements and worked with us to deliver different utilizations of these elements
.so we could envision how our brand would look through our beneficiaries’ eyes
.”Thank you, Shoair Studio, Mostafa Kamel, and the whole team

.Mr. AbdelFattah ElSharkawy, Co-founder of Hivetec —


:Shoair Studio’s Team

Brand Discovery and Project Management: Mostafa Kamel
Logo and Identity Design: Ahmed Ghanem
Application and Presentation Design: Marwan Amr