Shoair Studio is a branding and typography studio, based in Cairo, Egypt. It was founded by Abdelghany Shoair, A Calligrapher with more than 20 years of experience. Recently, the studio expanded to offer different branding and lettering solutions, putting the client’s needs in its core focus.

We started with the logo redesign, instead of a bold, classic logo, we went with a logo that’s truly flexible and scalable, it can work with different mediums and environments to reflect the studio’s new flexible and expansive approaches.

Why did Shoair studio need a total identity revamp?

Our old identity helped establish our first phase, the heritage phase. It helped us position the studio as a leading arabic lettering and typography studio.


With Shoair’s studio expanding to have its own calligraphy and design school, with a supporting community behind and a more developed vision, we needed to revamp the identity to reflect our new values and future directions.

Shoair Brand has developed into 3 brands, Shoair Studio, Shoair School, Shoair Community. The brands are moving forwards fast to keep pace with the fast pace of the calligraphy and design world, so we built our identity with geometric shapes, with dynamic shapes  that can fit the color scheme of each brand.







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