Ubayyah Coffee – Brand Building Case study

Project Scope

Ubayyah Arabic Coffee – Saudi Arabia – 2022

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Identity Design
  • Packaging Design

    Arabic coffee is highly esteemed in Saudi Arabian culture for its strong aroma, rich flavor, and cultural significance as a symbol of hospitality and tradition. We were approached by Mr. Bandar to develop the branding for Ubayyah, a new Arabic coffee brand launching in Saudi Arabia.
    In a market entrenched with decades and centuries of heritage and tradition, the main challenge we encountered was to establish a new brand, Ubayyah, as the Gold Standard of Arabic Coffee excellence. Our aim was to gain the trust and acceptance of consumers who hold a deep-rooted connection to established coffee brands. This required us to navigate the delicate balance of honoring tradition while introducing a fresh perspective, creating a brand that resonated with the discerning Saudi Arabian market and captured the essence of their coffee rituals.

 Understanding the Culture and the heritage behind Ubbayah

Understanding the Saudi culture and how they value coffee was a fascinating journey. Coffee in Saudi Arabia is more than just a hot drink—it represents tradition, generosity, hospitality, and companionship.

We discovered that Arabic Coffee is a must-have in Saudi Arabia, whether you’re at home or exploring the desert.
During our research, we learned about the name “Ubayyah – عبية,” which was the horse of King Abdul Aziz. The name Ubayyah signifies pride and honor.
This discovery inspired us and guided our brand’s positioning and identity.

Positioning Ubayyah
Ubayyah is the ultimate standard for Arabic Coffee, redefining the coffee experience with unwavering quality, authenticity, and tradition.
After conducting thorough research and engaging in insightful discussions with our client, we identified a strategic brand position within the Saudi Arabian coffee market. We aimed to strike a balance between low-quality instant Arabic coffee like Baja and high-end specialty coffee brands such as Soil and Kefa, which offer a diverse range of beans. What sets us apart is our unwavering focus on Arabic Coffee, with a mission to establish a new benchmark in the market.
We positioned Ubbayah as the go-to brand for Arabic Coffee, offering an unwavering standard that you can always rely on. Ubayyah, your trusted coffee companion, available anytime and anywhere.

Verbal Expression
قهوة عربية, لكل حين
The verbal expression of the Ubayyah brand plays a crucial role in effectively conveying its unique identity and key messages to the audience. We have carefully crafted a set of key messages that reflect the essence of Ubayyah and its offering of Arabic Coffee and establish it as a trusted companion while upholding the highest standards of quality and authenticity.
We utilized warm, inviting, and authentic tone of voice and language, aiming to establish a genuine connection with our audience with a focus on the brand’s commitment to delivering the authentic and exceptional experience positioning Ubayyah as the benchmark for Arabic Coffee.

Visual Research & moodboards

We conducted indepth visual research to truly understand the brand’s essence. As part of this research, we created 4-5 moodboards, each carefully curated to represent specific keywords and concepts.
Our moodboards focused on simplicity, culture, storytelling, Arabic identity, cultural patterns, and characters. These keywords guided our selection of visuals, allowing us to explore different styles, colors, and design elements.
To capture the Arabic identity, we carefully chose visuals that showcased the unique cultural aspects, symbols, and motifs. Cultural patterns played a big role in shaping our moodboards, as we included traditional designs and intricate details to create a sense of familiarity.

Sketching & Refining

In the process of developing the brand identity for Ubbayah, we explored various logo options through sketching and refining.
We began by sketching different logo concepts, allowing our creativity to flow freely. These initial sketches served as the foundation for further exploration and refinement.
With the feedback in mind, we embarked on the process of refining the chosen logo concepts. This involved enhancing the shapes, adjusting the typography, and fine-tuning the visual elements to ensure visual harmony and clarity. We aimed to create a logo that would be visually appealing, memorable, and representative of Ubayyah’s unique identity.

Patterns & Palette

During our exploration of patterns for Ubayyah, we drew inspiration from the captivating architecture and design of ancient houses in Najd. These architectural wonders served as a rich source of inspiration for our pattern exploration, as they embodied the cultural heritage and artistic traditions of the region. We immersed ourselves in the study of Najdi houses, carefully examining their unique features, intricate detailing, and decorative elements.
The color palette was carefully selected to evoke the earthy tones and warm hues prevalent in the Najdi landscape. These colors brought a sense of warmth, authenticity, and connection to the patterns, further reinforcing the brand’s link to its cultural roots.
Patterns & colors infused the brand with a sense of cultural pride and heritage, transporting individuals to the captivating world of ancient Najdi houses and creating a visually enchanting experience for Ubayyah’s audience.

Identity & Packaging
By considering packaging and identity applications as integral parts of Ubayyah’s brand strategy, we needed to create a unified and compelling visual experience that reflected the brand’s authenticity, cultural significance, and commitment to excellence.
The packaging design incorporated elements such as the logo, patterns inspired by Arabic culture, and carefully selected colors to create a visually striking and recognizable package. We ensured that the packaging not only protected the product but also served as a canvas for storytelling, creating an emotional connection with the consumer.
Additionally, we extended Ubayyah’s brand identity to stationery, digital platforms, and physical spaces, ensuring consistency and capturing attention on the different stages of interaction with our consumers.

Ubayyah was a journey of discovering and creating a coffee brand deeply connected to Saudi culture. Through thorough research and careful design, we crafted a brand identity that truly represents Arabic Coffee and resonates with the target audience.
Ubayyah stands as a symbol of pride, authenticity, and excellence, setting the standard for Arabic Coffee in the market. Its visual elements, from the logo to packaging and other brand applications, reflect the brand’s values and create a memorable experience for customers. With Ubayyah, coffee lovers can embrace a lifelong companion that embodies the rich heritage and traditions of Saudi Arabia.